Web design is essential for any landscaping business, no matter the size. No matter if you are a one-man show or a large 25+ employee landscaping company, your business needs a website. Websites are important because it is another form of marketing that helps establish your brand in the local community. Years ago, before they had the internet, many businesses were strictly word of mouth, referrals, print advertising, radio, or billboards. Most businesses still use those modes of advertising but have added websites to their digital marketing tool belt.

Most websites will contain a homepage, service pages, location pages, contact, about, and many others. Your website for your landscaping company is used to highlight your services, brand, and previous projects. Many times, potential customers are asking to see your work because they want to see if you are the company they are going to hire. So many landscaping businesses are going online and it is important to make sure that you are not the lone landscaping business in your local community without a website. Even if you use other types of advertising, many people will go online to look up your brand. Sometimes it’s as simple as having a website with your phone number so people can look you up and they are able to contact you.